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drum thickness?

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  • drum thickness?

    I bought a sheet of 3/4" MDF. I got two 30" discs out of it, and enough leftover bits to fill between the upper and lower discs. That will give me a 2-1/4" thick drum.

    Is that enough?

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    Welcome Round, I'm sure you will enjoy the forum family. " Is that enough" In "my opinion" and others may disagree, your drum is only as good as your platform. Like building a house it all starts from the bottom up. If you want a great set-up regardless of the $$- $$$-$$$$$$$$$$$ focus on the mount first. A great mount with a 1/2" plywood drum is much better than a poor mount with a 4" oak drum. ENJOY.


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      I had planned to weld a mount from angle iron, but it looks like it will have to be wood to start off with; probably 2x4s webbed with plywood. Even with glue and screws I don't expect it to last forever. The wall it will be attached to is an interior 2x4 stud construction and not the best either, but that's the only place available.

      I'll spend a while browing the forum to see how others have dealt with the mounting thing.


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        Great idea, the family has a lot to offer. There are a lot of great piece of work out there. Enjoy the journey.

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