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My latest Big Boy bag

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  • My latest Big Boy bag

    Here are a few pics of my latest Big Boy bag acquisition. It came from a lady whose grandfather was an aamateur boxer in the 40s. It belong to him she said, for as long as she could remember. The bag is 15 inches long, 16 inches diameter. Sized with an EverLast 4214. Name brand is Marathon sold by Montgomery Wards. It hits very heavy and I do like it that way
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    Whoah. I really like that one. Excellent condition too. Congrats.

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      Thanks..I was fortunate that it had only one owner. I put a Cleto Reyes bladder in it and I had to replace the laces. Laces are oiled down rawhide. The reason I knew it was sold by Montgomery Wards came from the Dutchman. He posted that info in a post I made over a year ago about Marathon bags.


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        Nice find!


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          Originally posted by Dutchman View Post
          Nice find!
          So correct!


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