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Ringside bag I got for 17 bucks

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  • Ringside bag I got for 17 bucks

    Got this ringside bag, The ones I usely see like this are red, Never seen a black one, that's why I got it and it looks like the leather might be thicker than the red ones, (Fingers crossed) Does anyone have any info on this bag ?, Gonna get it on Tuesday...Ralph

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    This is the bag from their Cobra Reflex bag. It's not a platform speed bag'
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      Doh I guess I didn't notice that there was no loop, and I heard of a reflex bag and know what it is, I guess I didn't put two and two together (3 ?) That's OK I have a couple of speed bag loops laying around and I could use some Chicago bolts to attach the loop to the bag. We will see how it speed bags


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        There ya go!

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