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    I received my new Rival bag yesterday and swapped the bladder for the latex Title bladder right away. It's been a while since I treated myself to a new bag. The title atomic XS should be coming within a couple days also so I'm pretty excited about that as well.

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    Super cool, and great baggin' man. The atomic XS is a real different experience if you've never hit one before. I'm only a couple days into using mine but I really like it.


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      Nice, how do you like the rival ? I had both atomic bags, The small and extra small, Of course you'll wanta change out the bladders, they hit so much better with the change, The Small size is actually faster than the XS and it's like hitting air, You can get them to move very fast, Very light bags...Ralph (edit) I got the sizes wrong it's XXS and XS anyway the bigger size is faster than the smaller size and hey StevieMac, That xxs is harder to control, it's pretty darn small ;-)
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        I like the rival bag a lot. It was a little larger than I had expected due to a fairly long loop. From top of the loop to bottom of the bag, I'd have to check this because it's from memory, I'd say it is close to an inch longer than my red Title classic 8x5. I also had to torch and open up the hook on my Powermill because the loop is a little wider and it's also thicker because its reinforced with an extra layer on the inside of it. It feels good to hit though, I like that they put some of the vertical seems on the inside so it's pretty easy on the hands. I swapped out the bladder and either way it had a decent amount of heft which I like for double bumps and such. It does appear to be a very well made bag quality-wise which is another bonus for the $40 I paid for it.

        I got my Atomic XS and love that bag already. The bladder swap was a little tricky because it was so small leaving little room for my hands to work but it was definitely the way to go. Holy fast!

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