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  • Practice

    Just another day of training on the speed bag.

    Just a few clips from today's practice session.

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    That was mean. How is the bag sound inside your garage? Sounds like good room acoustics. Must be like a thunderstorm when you get going on it?


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      Originally posted by Alex Skylakos View Post

      Just a few clips from today's practice session.

      Making great progress, speed is picking up, combinations flowing. way to go!

      Speed Bag

      Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
      *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
      The Quest Continues...
      Hoping for another Gathering...


      The Art of the Bag


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        Hey thanks guys! Yea, the acoustics aren't too bad in the garage, but lots of the sound gets dampened by the big industrial fan I have blowing on me, that's standing beside the camera, right out of view. I live in Fl so it tends to get real hot and muggy working out in there sometimes.


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          How long have you been training on the speed bag?
          You are pretty damn good!


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            Hey thanks man! I learned how to hit a speed bag the conventional boxer style back when I was 19. I started learning how to hit it bible style with elbows and all about a year ago now, when I put up my first board. Way more fun, and way better a work out then hitting it boxing style that's for sure. I can stand there and hit it the conventional way all day, but it gets old quick, and your body just gets used to


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              What size bag did you start out on and what do you use now?

              I just picked up a 7" Title.
              My platform will be up and running in a few days.

              So you're saying I pick up the speed bag bible?


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                Started on a medium, now I use an ex-small. The bible definitely helps. Teaches you how to hit from all sides of the bag and with elbows.


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