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    Platform in my messy garage....
    Now I have a bag at home that will see some practice, boy do i need it.
    New 6x9 Title advanced Black/Red.
    New Title EZ Lock Pro swivel.
    Nice to have a bag at home to work on on off gym days.
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    Platform looks cool. Nice surface, what type of wood is the board? It has a good looking grain. The ply bracing the sides is a good way to get the structure rigid- your setup looks like a flasher version of mine lol. No more off days, every day is bag day now!


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      Platform construction

      3X12 rough sawn pine framework, supported from collar ties above.
      4" angles connecting the platform together, adjustable.
      The platform is 3' x 3 'x 1-1/4" high pressure laminate panel.
      We throw panels like this in the trash on every job.
      Finally found a good use for them.

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