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Punch Drum Kit set up

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  • Punch Drum Kit set up

    Ah yes,...the home gym is finally fitted with the Punch Drum Kit.
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    Originally posted by KaiserSosa View Post
    Ah yes,...the home gym is finally fitted with the Punch Drum Kit.

    Now you're talking

    Speed Bag

    Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
    *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
    The Quest Continues...
    Hoping for another Gathering...


    The Art of the Bag


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      YES! Show us some video...And I believe Brian coined the phrase "Drum Baggin" for this type of set-up.
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      Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story


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        That's Awesome!

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          Thanks for the kinds words.

          "I ain't no Tichy"....(few are)...

          but I will work to get something worthy of posting.

          Was playing around today on a samba beat with the feet and doing a 3:2 clave hits on top with the hands.

          Need to get more proficient on my back punches, the second measure of 3:2s require three back punches.

          Hopefully will get it in the pocket by New Years.

          Merry Christmas all !


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