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  • 2nd video post

    Hello forum members,

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
    here is a Quick video of the Second platform (1st was too shaky). I shot this around 9/17/14 once I started 2 to 3 days of reading the Speed Bag Bible . 3 more videos to come on the 3rd platform with some improvement I think

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    Nice job and thank you for posting.


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      Sweet, I'm liken the progress. But it sounds like your swivel needs some lube, also I can't tell from the vid but that sounds like a chainlink swivel ? ...ralph


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        Getting better all the time... great work! I PM'd you instruction on how to embed videos in a post, hope that helps. Bag on!
        Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story


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          Good job, thanks for posting. Would you mind sharing your bag selection and swivel choice.


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            Sorry for the late reply, I've been traveling for work, I want to thank everyone for your encouraging words and watching my videos. Del-Striking in this video I am using a Everlast Te: L bag (first bag I ever hit) and a Boxing Gear's Speed Bag Swivel.


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