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    Originally posted by fedora View Post
    What a great video! This is going to come in handy in the spring. A few days ago our local paper had an article on Ping Pong and the benefits of it for those with Parkinsons. I emailed the woman who wrote it and told her about how speedbagging is also great and it doesn't require a partner. I also sent her a link to Dee's latest video, showing her how good women can be on it.

    She answered me back and was very impressed with Dee's video and the whole speedbagging skill set. She said she wanted to do an article on it in the spring as she had other things in the works at present. So this video will be great as a follow up when she gets ready to write it.

    You might also refer her to Dr. David H. Blatt's-disease

    who has far more insight into this than I.

    watch his series of videos.
    Speed Bag

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    The Art of the Bag


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      Originally posted by Speedbag View Post
      You might also refer her to Dr. David H. Blatt
      Wow, that linked page is great.

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