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  • First post & video

    This is my first post to the forum. A short video. Speed Bag Skunk has helped me get back at it after a long layoff. More fun now than ever.
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    I don't see a video ?


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      OK..I think this link will work. G-Town and Alan helped me with reverse rolls at Speed Bag 5. I just wanted them to see its working.
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        Somebody help him out, my guess is your using a computer, I don't have one but someone from here should be able to help you out, I use a smartphone. Someone give him a hand at posting his first video. ?


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          video posting

          Hi can you get your video uploaded on you tube? If you can this is how I get the videos on the forum.

          How to embed a you tube video into a speedbag new thread

          go to your your you tube page and click onto the video you wish to embed
          go to the address bar at top of page and highlight and copy everything after v=
          go to speed bag forum click onto pictures & videos or hitting to music
          click onto new thread type in a title type in a short text then type the
          following parenthesis youtube parenthesis then paste what you have copied then parenthesis forward slash youtube parenthesis then hit submit and hit post
          that should do it Tim posted a very good video on his how to do list that you
          can watch which is where I learned how to do it I hope this helps thank you
          for reading this


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            Here is the link to Tim's video.



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              Originally posted by Eric View Post
              I can't get the video to load up
              Eric, I'm afraid you will have to first upload your video to your YouTube channel. If you don't have one, it's easy to create one.

              The easiest way to post the video is to go to the YT video page, highlight and copy the address, then paste the whole thing in the forum thread. This will show only the link, but we can click on this to view it from YT.

              If you want to embed it in the forum message board (this message board program hasn't been updated for quite a while and it lacks the ability to easily embed videos and images.)

              In order to view the video on the forum message thread, do what rehamco1 suggested: go to the address bar at top of page and highlight and copy everything after v=

              Then, go back to your message window and do the following:


              I hope this helps you, as well as others in uploading videos.
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