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week 6 on the bag.

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  • week 6 on the bag.

    This is my 6th week on the bag. with my new leone bag
    (Trying to incorporate elbows)

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    nice work
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      Looking good!

      Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story


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        Very nice! There are quite a few things in there I'd like to learn and will be working on soon enough.


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          Originally posted by speedbagbrad View Post
          This is my 6th week on the bag. with my new leone bag
          (Trying to incorporate elbows)

          Man, someone has been practicing!

          looking very good. Great timing, linking single and double fists dead, nice positions, contact. etc. Can't really offer and improvements other than, I saw two Downward Triple Elbow Strikes, and both times you did Right (fist), Left Elbow, Left fist

          R\L-L order of contact.

          I'm hoping you can also do it leading with the left fist, for a R\L-L order also. Maybe it just wasn't shown in this video, but I normally like to see techniques done with both arms leading.

          Great shots of the MsDeville swivel from underneath also. Nice Hook, Elbow combinations.
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          The Art of the Bag


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            Cheers fellas. Been training like an animal

            And the deville no.13 works a treat


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              At 6 weeks on the bag, you're way ahead of the game.

              Awesome Fist and Elbow strikes, Great Timing.

              Cool Swivel, and Bag Too.

              Keep on baggin'


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                Tearin it up I can't even do that at 8 months


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                  cheers guys


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