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A Minor (albeit redundant) Comparison

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  • A Minor (albeit redundant) Comparison

    I always have a heckuva a time deciding on which swivel to use. Love my Powermill and anticipate, at some point, ordering a Deville. Recently, however, my Ubolt fell apart so I merged it with my already modified chainlink. I think PunchDrummer has something similar. My verdict? Invest in a couple more platforms!!!! I know I'm preaching to the converted. Enjoy these three short clips.

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    Speed Bags tend to have a higher rebound sound the harder they are..
    Maybe it's just me, but that bag sounds a bit hard and overinflated just a bit.

    nothing wrong with that, just an observation. The swivels appear to work fine, and you've got control on any of them.
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    The Art of the Bag


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      Thanks Alan. I let some of the air out and dropped the platform. Major difference of course. Be video as soon as they're done uploading on YouTube

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