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Speed bag 2011 Video (G-Town)

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  • Speed bag 2011 Video (G-Town)

    Hey Baggers! Go to my YouTube page and check out some of the footage i had on my camera! Keep Baggin'

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    Way to go with the vid G!

    Thanks for posting the vid G-Town! I'll try and post some of my footage as well.

    Nice baggingTim! Your Multi-elbow rebounds are crazy! Haven't done much of those but it looks awesome! Bag on Bro's!


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      Nice Vidz

      Awesome elbows Tim, Cool Stuff. I haven't figured out how you can bump like that yet, but it's incredible to watch.

      Skunk! just watching that double bag work makes me feel totally uncoordinated. That's some killer stuff right there.

      Tommy T...UNBELIEVABLE. all those elbows, and side hits flying around. great bag work. Smooth. and i would expect nothing less from you.

      Thank You for posting these videos GTown, they're very Cool.

      Bag, Bag, and Bag some more

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