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  • Tim
    Originally posted by Chris M View Post
    Good job BillyMack!
    Ditto, nice job. I ran down to the garage to try it ... and failed miserably
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  • Kevdawg0324
    tough combo billy. very nicely done indeed.

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  • Speedbag
    Super Advanced Combo

    Originally posted by BillyMack View Post
    My attempt at one anyway, this is a 6 punch combination repeated continuously. Alan sent me the diagram for this, I think I'm doing it right...
    That's it. Very Nice. Notice you are always leading with the Right Fist and going to the right side of the bag first. This combo always repeats the same fist order, but you can add a little variety and go around the bag the other way by doing a couple of things. First, you could rotate the fist order of the FDP. instead of doing a R-L, simple do a L-R. (* the key is the last SSP. this fist will return to the front and lead the next FDP after two rebound, so it will hit twice in a row.)
    This will change the fist order from


    R-L.....R.....L-R.....L..........R-L...same order
    FDP ' SSP ' RDP ' SSP ' ' FDP ' SSP ' RDP ' SSP ' ' FDP

    rotate: (notice the L fist hits twice in a row..)

    R-L.....R.....L-R......L......L-R......L......R-L......R....(rotate) R-L - repeat
    FDP ' SSP ' RDP ' SSP ' ' FDP ' SSP ' RDP ' SSP ' ' .........FDP

    or, you can simple make every FDP a three Punch Front Fist Roll, and remember to let the middle fist go to the side.


    just for Grins, you can also choose to vary this using the Side Double Punch (SDP) instead of the Front Double Punch (FDP). It changes the combinations used and creates a really nice little echo beat. Air punch it first.

    FDP ' SSP ' RDP ' SSP ' ' SDP ' RDP ' S-RDP ' ' FDP

    Of course, it helps if you understant the Side-Reverse Double Punch (S-RDP). Breaking this Double Punch into single fist contacts looks like this. SSP ' RSP = S-RDP

    FDP ' SSP ' RDP ' SSP ' ' SDP ' RDP ' SSP ' RSP ' ' FDP

    either way, notice the left fist (or 2nd SSP fist) hits twice in a row.

    BillyMack, here's a practice combo to get that Side - Reverse movement down:

    RDP ' SSP ' RSP ' ' FDP

    or, after your normal 6 punch SA combo, let the seventh punch be a RSP behind the bag. I get it about half the time.

    Now your learning fist and bag control.....
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  • Chris M
    Good job BillyMack! I've never been able to get past 5 hits of that combo, it's very tough to do consistently, yet you do six hits several times.

    I'm very impressed. You make it look easy.

    Now double your speed and do it on your little Rival bag.

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  • BillyMack
    started a topic Super Advanced Combo

    Super Advanced Combo

    My attempt at one anyway, this is a 6 punch combination repeated continuously. Alan sent me the diagram for this, I think I'm doing it right...
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