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First Platform Construction

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  • First Platform Construction

    Hey all:

    New here. I have been on again off again interested in boxing, but now have decided I really need a good home gym to continue (get started really) in training. I already have an 80 lbs everlast Nevetar bag.

    I started building the platform from a 24 inch round from HD. The brackets I am using are old shelving brackets that are actually really sturdy.

    I am probably going to buy the Everlast Professional Speedbag Swivel for it.

    I am still not sure as far as speed bags go. I was going to order the Top Contender bag but I have also looked at the Ringside bag and Rival bags. I probably want something along the lines of a 7x10 to start with. The top contender bag looks great but is sold out right so.....


    I have tried to upload photos but the uploader didn't seem to work. Here is a link to my FB album, maybe you can see that.

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    Those brackets do look very solid should turn out very nice. I'd also get a 50lb bag of play sand to throw on top.

    I'm a newbie as well and started off with Title Gyro 10 x 7 kind of wish I would of gotten a 9 x 6 off the bat.


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      Hi Cliff, Ralph here, you're 9x6 is on the way Thanks for you're order


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        Once I get it constructed and try it I'll try the sand, all I need is to get the swival ( next payday ) and get the dam thing on the wall!


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          I got the speed bag today. It looks great, but I realized that I don't have a pump to inflate the dam thing!

          I will look for one this weekend.

          I have uploaded a pic to my FB album linked above.


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