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4 Practice session video clips

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  • 4 Practice session video clips

    Leather Balloons
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    Excellent bagging, nice control and cool elbow combinations.


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      Nice work on a variety of moves! Keep on baggin and postin!


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        you definitely have style and good technique from the start, i would say you are headed nowhere but UP brother
        Choose You this day , Whom You shall Serve


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          I hadn't realized that M&M had started baggin', and it looks like he went to the bat cave to do it.

          IMO these video's show a very confused bagger. (How do these people find us...)

          First, he can't decide which hooded jacket to wear or what bag to punch. I would think the heavy hooded jackets make some of this much harder than it needs to be, but he has adapted pretty well.

          Even worse, He is using a the plastic ball hook swivel, which is one of the hardest swivels to control. So that, coupled with missing two days in the last 6 weeks, has probably added to his control problems doing Extensive shadow punching after Inward Triple Elbow Strikes, Downward Elbow Strikes, Outward Elbow Strikes, Single and double fist linking, double bumping Double Punches, (including Side Doubles), Comprehensive Fist Rolling, including Front Roll to Reverse-Front Roll (thanks for that, Skunk), followed by sneaking over and under shadow punch combinations - I could go on but I'm tired of watching and re-watching these video's to really understand what he is doing.

          Other than saying these video's are outrageous, brilliant and clearly demonstrates a bagger on his way to complete speed bag mastery, There is little more I could say.

          Speed Bag

          Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
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          The Quest Continues...
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          The Art of the Bag


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            wow man....SWEET


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