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Just workin on tha bag.

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  • Just workin on tha bag.

    Anybody have any pointers on things Im doin wrong please let me know. Thanks. SBH.

    SpeedBag Hammer

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    From what I could see,you look good. I see you have a U-bolt swivivel. It's great for front and back of the bag but side hitting is a challenge with that particular swivel. It really does look like you spent some time under the board. I really did not see any mistakes due to technique. Like I said, side hitting is a challenge with the U Bolt. But other than that it's a great swivel.
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      I really dug it! Some snags, but it seemed to be more a swivel issues on direction changes that were not as gradual as in the beginning, and not something you did. Way to hammer on the swaying standing platform! Looks like you've found a good rhythm for yourself. I dug the elbow combinations. I maybe missed it but I didn't see any inward elbows, have you tried those? Might be a nice expansion throwing inward elbows and finding a way to link them. Only other feedback coming to mind is maybe work on some pass throughs more or hit more on the reverse side


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        You look like you fit right in brother, as far as the swivel goes i have never used anything but a ball and hook and there is no forgiveness, you hit wrong , its going places other than what you intended. LOL,
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          Nice vid

          Hammer, it looks like you've got alot fo experience under the board. Alot of your combos are definitely not beginner stuff. You'd probably like the feel of a ball/hook swivel and wall-mounted board alot better. You live in Katy? I'm in Cinco Ranch, maybe you could show me some of your skills sometime. I've got 3 boards with ball/hooks, and an army of bags.


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            Thanks All of Yall

            Thanks for all the feedback. I appreciate Yall checking out the video and all.I look forward to seeing more of yalls footage as well. Thanks SBH
            SpeedBag Hammer


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              You might try using some cargo straps to take some of the looseness out of the platform. Alan has example pics on What others have said about the U-bolt swivel is true, good for front and back hitting but bad for side to side. Although you are able to do it some, this swivel doesn't like to change angles like going from front and back then side to side. That bag is easy on the hands but I have found Everlast bags loose air. If you decide to change the bladder Title medium works well. Looks like your skills are held back by equipment performance.


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                Originally posted by hammer6384 View Post
                Anybody have any pointers on things Im doin wrong please let me know. Thanks. SBH.

                Looks to me like you're doing very well with smooth and conrolled elbow and fist combinations. Nothing to terribly fast, blot some hand on tracking none the less. I really like the SDP sequences you used and elbow strikes. showed some consideran on beat.
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                  Very cool vid.
                  You've obviously been doing your homework, there's a bunch of advanced stuff going on there! I've seen very few people pull off the fist rolls with elbows thrown in, Speedbagskunk and maybe a couple of others. Would love to do that combo!

                  I'm sure a ballhook would suit you better as you like to work punches from all directions and angles and steadying your platform a bit more would be a bonus.

                  You look accomplished already and my only comment would be to keep practising - that way you can transition between combos when you choose rather than an unexpected rebound forcing you to change tack. But as others have said, that could be down to your swivel.

                  welcome to the forum


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                    Looks great man!


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                      Nice job with the double bump with elbow at end of vid. Enjoyed the whole thing.


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