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Working in and out of side punches

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    Tear It Up! Super fast and Smooth.
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      Originally posted by Inkspill View Post
      thanks Tim! I will have to watch the video again at home on the computer. my phone is not the ideal screen to watch on lol. I appreciate the details on the phantom punch and the side punches - I will remember to think of them as a range or area of the bag, like in the link you included. appreciated sir.
      InkSpill: The phantom Punch ( or shadow punch ) is nothing more than a Front Straight Punch (FSP) done Under the elbow of the opposite arm when that arm (opposite arm of the one doing the Phantom punch....) is in the position to do a Outward Elbow Strike.

      For instance when one arm pulls across your face to get ready for an Outward Elbow strike, the other fist (fist doing the phantom punch) performs a straight punch "under the elbow" of the raised arm.

      in the bottom row picture you will see the first pic on left is the set up for the Outward Triple Elbow Strike (O-TES). Notice my Right fist is next to my chin, for it will be the last (third) part to make contact in the O-TES technique. At this point the right fist could do a "phantom punch" by sneaking under the left elbow to do a Front Straight Punch (FSP).

      It is pretty easy to do if you do it after a Front straight punch of the other arm. For instance Do a Right Front Straight Punch and let the fist keep coming over to the left ear, which will bring your right elbow to the center of your chest, ready to do an outward elbow technique. (* tip: elbow has to be UP to do this...) and at this point (after three rebounds) you shoot your left hand under your raised right elbow to do a "phantom" Front Straight Punch. This move will happen quickly in a triplet (3 rebound) rhythm and you have to have the left fist ready to move before your elbow comes across.

      Hope this helps.
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        Ah! That's a cool punch! Thanks for breaking it down. It's exciting every time I see something new (to me at least)

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