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Pistol Pete's Introduction

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  • Pistol Pete's Introduction

    Whats goin everybody, I got an email earlier this week from a guy named Peter Smith here in the St. Louis area, and he said he had been hitting the Speed Bag for 20 years. So I invited him over yesterday, and to my amazement he had a few tricks up his sleeve. Not to mention he is a really good guy! He talked about the he is the 3rd generation Speed Bagger in his family, and he is teaching his kid now to make the 4th generation. Smith Legacy! So here is a video of him, Do Not pay attention to my bagging I sucked I was running on no sleep!

    here is a video of Pistol Pete doin Deano style with the Title xs atomic!


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    Very cool Sparky, he will pic up on all the advanced stuff in no time! He'll rediscover the speedbag and really be inspired. Has he seen any of the great baggers on utube? You're a fine ambassador of the bag sparky, nice job!
    T.J. MaTEE'[/U][/U] u:


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      Sparrky... dang! you are getting real good! Great advanced multi combo stuff!
      And Pistol is smokin!
      BAG ON!


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        blazing away! Looking good!


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          I hope to get as much as my area involved in Speed Bagging as possible! Spin, Thanks but I'm actually a little better than that video I'll have to film a retraction when Im feeling fresh! Pete has ordered a ball&hook & smaller bag, so I look forward to his progress!


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            Cool, is he on the Internet ?


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