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Ringside 9x6 and Title 9x6

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  • Ringside 9x6 and Title 9x6

    As you can see the width difference is pretty big. maybe an inch. Almost the same from stem to stern. I thought i would put these pics up for anyone who was thinking about getting either, or both of these bags, so you're not shocked by the size difference. They both hit great. The title is of course easier to hit because of it's size.
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    Hi RP65 here, Thanks for the thread Ebozyn, As for the Ringside bags I have both shapes available in 11x8, 9x6, 8x5, & 7x4 they are in black & red combo
    if any one is interested please PM me or check out my thread, "genuine N.O.S. ringside bags"
    Thanks Ralph
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      Nice bags! cant wait for my Ringside speed bags to come in!!

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