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Video review form Novabagger: PROMEX 5 x 8

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    Originally posted by novaspeedbagger View Post
    Thanks metaldad! I do like the Title classic alot and for $19.99, I believe it's the best bag for the buck at that price.

    I do tend to punch out those parade like cadences when I am not hitting to music. It must be my Nawlins (New Orleans) back ground, from watching too many Mardi Gras Parades, back in the day! Good times! I heard Ak punch out stuff like that in his DVD as well!

    Thanks TBD, I see why you like the Promex so much. I'll be making sure to keep this bag alive for as long as possible!

    If I read my posts accurately, both you and metaldad, are Marines. So to both of you fellow baggers, as well as your brothers out there....Thanks for your Service!!!! Cuz freedom ain't free!

    Looking forward to seeing vidz from both you baggers in the near future.
    Thanks Nova and yes Metaldad and myself are both Jarheads and you are right Freedom isn't free.

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