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Speedboy on speedbag 06/02/07

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  • Speedboy on speedbag 06/02/07

    hi all i have done a new vid (sorry again for the quality=GSM)

    here's the link:

    thanks for watching!
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    from what I know and can do (not much but learning) this looks great !!

    what is GSM ? Cellphone ?

    I think I will make a cellphone video soon and post... no video camera yet.... althoguh when I get a video camera (in the next couple of months) I will already be hitting better


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      thanks jaguiller! yes a gsm is a cellphone sorry

      my camera is broken! i cant make decent movies!


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        Good job Speed Bay. Maybe getting in a bit closer with the phone will help us see better. It sounds good, no offense, but I am a noob... just about everything sounds and looks good to me.


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          Sorry, speedboy

          bet you can tell I spend too much time on E BAY


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            Speed Boy Video

            WOW! great job, speedboy. Some very nice combo's done at a very good consistent speed. Great Downward Elbows, Reverse fist Rolling to split fists, and very nice double split fist combo.

            You're making great progress!

            Speed Bag

            Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
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              very smooth speedboy


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                thanks all for your comments!


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                  Ya got skills!!! Good job!


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                    ageed good job!! keep going
                    Peak Towers Condo Pattaya
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                      Good Work

                      Ohhhh snap! Looks like you are getting a lot better. Keep up the good work!


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                        thanks! on my platform the 8x5 everlast pro speedbag sent to me by Chris and the deluxe pro swivel works much better than the 8x5 title with chain link swivel NO DOUBT! speedbagskunk, Alan and you are the best i hope doing speedbag like you!


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                          I am using the Everlast Pro 9x6 and I love it !! compared to the 4214 I had before ! I was planning to get a title but this E-Pro is pretty sweet - my local store here also has the 5x8 - so I am hoping to get to that soon - nice gold and black color too

                          wait - actually mine says it is the large size - 10x7 -but it is so small - the other one in the store was marked med - and the website that is 9x6 - it could fit in the palm of my hand..... I have a feeling these are mislabeled -

                          is there a way to measure and know the size ?


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                            i dont know


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                              with regards to size i dunno if this is right but i have a 10x7 and a 9x6 and it works for both. using a tape measure or what ever your measuring with and hover it over the bag an do it over the width (the fattest part) the over the length. do not wrap it around the bag. and it should come out what the size says. let me know if this works out for anyone else.
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