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I Finaly Raised it. Now my elbows r rusty

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  • I Finaly Raised it. Now my elbows r rusty

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    nice hitting crapster!!!


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      Nice job crapster


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        Looks good man!


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          Howz your linking coming along?
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            Great speed and one of my favorite title bags. I have that same model, probably the 2nd bag I bought and still going strong on the original bladder.


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              looks good to me bro


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                Now my elbows r rusty

                If that's rusty, then I've got a LONG way to go -- I'd say you look pretty damn good -- your speed is terrific, and it looks smooth to me...

                Very nice!


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                  Thanks everyone. Im not sure what the linking is. Usually i just work on speed, precision, and power so i can clouber somone if need be.
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                    Originally posted by Crapsterface View Post
                    Thanks everyone. Im not sure what the linking is. Usually i just work on speed, precision, and power so i can clouber somone if need be.
                    Nice video Crapsterface. Very nice rhythm and Inward Elbow Strikes. It is particularly difficult to do that technique at near full speed punching because it is hard (at least for me) to generate as much power off that single shot as the fists, and return with the fist of the same arm. You do it amazingly well.

                    "Linking" is a term created to describe the action of connecting techniques together from different sides of the bag, requiring you to
                    "pass the fist(s) through the bag" to another bag area. For instance, if you do a Front Circle Punch (FCP) and then do a Reverse Single Punch (RSP) (hitting FRONT and BACK with a single fist) then you have to "link" the Front Punch to the Reverse Punch in a smooth non-stop motion by extending the fist from the bag contact point on the front "through the bag" to do the Reverse Punch. Most people will think they have to duck their hand under the bag to get go from the front to the back, but that is not an effective or efficient way to do it, for it creates a more "up & down" punching motion which is a bit jerky and hard to control when attempting to maintain speed. Almost always, this will occur with two rebounds inbetween. (not a lot of time to re-position a bad fist position). Written that combination would be FCP ' ' RSP

                    The secret to efficient linking (joining techniques from all around the bag) is to have the bag belly at your mouth or chin level, and keep your elbows up and out so you upper arm (shoulder to elbow) is pretty straight. It doesn't have to be exactly parallel, but it helps to keep the elbow up a bit higher than most "non-linking" punches. This will help keep the palm(s) of the fist facing the floor if the wrist is straight. when that palm faces the floor and your wrist is straight, you can pretty easily stick your fist straight out and back (from the elbow). Also when you do this, notice the position of your elbow when you do this. If you hold that position but lower the elbow you will notice that the fist angle of motion tends to seek the level of the elbow, which is down lower, and your fist ends up under the bag hitting area. This will require you to raise the arm/elbow again or punch "upwards" to reach the bag, and most people will hit the bag under the belly rather than ON it and drive the bag upwards into the swivel. Punch "UP" to the bag from any area around the bag will eventually cause you problems.

                    If you look at perfectly executed single and double fist linking (passing the fists through the bag - joining the techniques from different areas together) front to back in slow motion you will see several things:

                    1. The fist connects straight into the bag belly, (not from above or below the belly).

                    2. As the fist hits the bag and extends "straight through" the hitting area, the bag goes up and compresses on the board (1st rebound contact).

                    3. While the bag is on the board the fist extends just beyond the bag, and when the bag comes off the board the fist is already clear of the bag. It doesn't matter if it is a single or double fists passing through. On a double fist link, the first bag rebound simply comes off the board and hits the second fist and repeats. the second fist will by clear of the bag when it comes off the board.

                    I have watched this thousands of times in slow motion recorded by high speed shutter (1/250, 1/500, 1/1000 of a second shutter speed) and I'd say this is what happens "almost" always. The fist motion tends to look like a sideways figure 8, but don't try to draw the eight for that will probably make your fist go more downwards on the pass-through.

                    the only exceptions I have noticed is with really big fat bags that have larger bag bellys and might not compress as much on the board. I notice a more definitive "8" motion when going front to back on large belly bags, but on 9x6 and smaller that angle is pretty much straight.

                    The above is only MY opinion and what I have found works for me. I've noticed others have a lower elbow position when linking and it seems to work fine for them. It never did for me.
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                      Ok. Thanks for explaining. ill be sure to throw a few links in my next vid
                      (bounces aloverthe place)


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