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Trying more elbow strikes

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    Originally posted by Jordan View Post
    Hey metal....I know spin mentioned trying to even the timing of each rebound. Now, I don't know if you've gotten to these yet but the quadruple elbow strike, "elbow, fist, fist, elbow" was really helpful to me with that. You see, the OTES can get you slightly off beat if you are trying to punchdrum or whatnot... but the quad hits the right number of rebounds to make it sound almost like you never stopped doing FSP (so long as you keep the timing the same throughout) hopefully I'm explaining myself correctly, its kinda hard to explain of luck to ya.
    i just recently worked on a quad elbow strike. its a phantom punch, elbow, fist, fist. hey maybe ill add another elbow on the end to...something to try tomorrow.

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