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  • Thrasher Evo 14 Swivel

    Just got my Evo 14 swivel this past Friday, Jeff stepped up his game with this new version of the swivel, There seems to be a big problem getting Ball-hook swivels, They are few and far between, Everyone that used to make Ball-hook swivels aren't making them anymore, Well now we have one source of getting a Ball-hook swivel and that's the Thrasher house, I'll have to come back on here and give you guys the website to purchase one. (EDIT) The website to purchase a swivel is
    I recommend getting both a core ball and a freestyle ball, You can also purchase extra loops, And all the swivels will come with a loop saver, if you look at one of my pictures you can see the Loop Saver just under the bag Loop.
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    Just wanted to make a correction, as what Jeff told me, All the new swivels will have the Loop saver as Standard


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      Originally posted by ventanakaz View Post
      ...Everyone that used to make Ball-hook swivels aren't making them anymore...
      I never stopped making swivels, lol

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        Originally posted by rdshackleford View Post

        I never stopped making swivels, lol
        That's good to know

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