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New setup with, with video.

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  • New setup with, with video.

    Hey everyone. I put up a new setup this mornin and it is pretty much rock solid. I took BillyMack's advice with the horizontal 2x4's and It made a HUMONGOUS difference. Currently I have about 30 Ibs of sand on top and it is really quite. I want to add an additional 20 Ibs of sand on top. The only time I will be getting shakes now is at Dairy Queen. I also put foam between the 2X4's just as a little extra noise dampening agent. Don't know if it is really helping all that much but it looks cool. The 2x4's are 7 feet long, across six studs on top and six studs on the bottom.
    Thanks again to BillyMack for the facinorous setup tip.

    The vid is sideways and crappy as hell but thought I would throw it up anyway. The bag is a rival 6x4.

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    Yebda, yebda. That's neat!


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      Nice, Love the setup!


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        That setup looks great! Nice idea with the horizontal runners across a woodstud wall.
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          Hey, thanks for the compliments guys. Appreciate it.


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            nice setup, what do you have your heavybag hanging on


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              That's a nice set-up.


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                Originally posted by sidecarr View Post
                nice setup, what do you have your heavybag hanging on
                I pretty much did it the same way as the speed bag only I used one 2x4 across 3 studs on the ceiling, then screwed an eyebolt into the 2x4, then through the stud. I definitely need a bigger heavybag though.


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                  thats a really nice setup, I had everything in my garage for the last ten years ,then my daughter graduated college, ,and moved out ,I decided to set up a gym in her old room ,so I brought a century freestanding bag but that shook the house, so I brought a everlast stand and set it up with my speedbags and heavybag from the garage ,but when I do the heavy bag it shakes the house ,and the speedbag platform vibrates, so im thinking of putting together a setup like you have
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                    Very nice set up. Visually pleasing as well as effective.
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