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    I will never part with another bag again. I did it once and I regret it. On that note....I want to keep and display my old/unused, bags. they look like crap when I stuff them full of old shirts. Anybody got a solution for displaying them? Bladders are out of the question, since Canadians get boned for taxes and shipping. (I can have cannabis delivered to my door cheaper than a bladder would cost). Thanks in advance.

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    Check with Genesports in Montreal, they last I heard they offered their own line of striking bags and bladders


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      M. Breen, have you tried Forza Sports? I've ordered numerous items (all speed bag related) from them and the cost + shipping on my last order of 5 Title bladders came to a total of $38. US. The Ali Authentic bag I ordered two weeks ago was shipped for less than $4. and I'm way out in BC. they're in Pennsylvania. I used to order from the title site but their shipping jumped up to almost $60. for a $39. bag. Weird. So I've been ordering from Forza for some time now. BTW I usually get all items in about eight business days with normal ground shipping.

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        Thanks for the replies.....I did not have any luck with Genesports previously, I was under the impression that they shut down completely. ( I will try again). I will also try Forsza.


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          Ringside has a Canadian outlet,

          However Ringside doesn't offer larger bladders, their "large" bladder I believe is a 7x10


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            Check out this site:

            They are located in Edmonton and sell Title rubber bladder.


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              Thanks again. I will do some digging into these bladders.


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