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Church needs speed bag for neighbourhood youth - York, PA

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  • Church needs speed bag for neighbourhood youth - York, PA

    Here's a chance to help,

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    I have a bag or two to send. Did anyone research this? Hitting Google earth from street view does not identify this building as a church unless I missed something.


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      I used google earth too (with smartphone) and saw the church, at first you don't see it but you have to turn to your left and its right there, you can't miss it. Good view of the front of the church...ralph


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        Originally posted by swfl View Post
        Did anyone research this?
        I asked for more information about the organization as well. I got this email back this morning.

        "Hi Anthony,
        I have sent your email to our Pastor, Jim Driskell since he knows more what we need. We are first St John Lutheran Church at 140 W. King St. in York. We offer free kick boxing and self defense by certified instructors of our congregation to neighborhood kids and any other interested people. They are held at the church. Pastor stated that they really could use a speed bag. We are an older congregation and none of us has this. That is why I made the appeal. Pastor will get back to you with more details.
        Thank You!


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          Originally posted by paranday View Post
          This church is in York Pennsylvania (PA).

          They should contact Balazsboxing. That's the closest speed bag company which is luckily in the same state. Maybe someone from the church in York could travel to Honey Brook and meet with them or pick up some equipment.

          Balazs Fitness
          625 Todd Rd
          Honey Brook PA 19344
          Speed Bag

          Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
          *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
          The Quest Continues...
          Onward to SpeedB.A.G. X! Summer 2019

          THE 10th Year Reunion!


          The Art of the Bag


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