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  • Bikes.

    I know Roc rides, but does anyone else? I had to sell my bike last summer, but I just picked up a new one today. And I was wondering who else enjoys hitting the pavement with two wheels? What do y'all ride? What's the scenery like around?

    I just picked up an old Yamaha FZR, was riding cruisers for a few years but decided to get something a little more dangerous this time.

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    Some of you maybe will crucify me, but I read motorcycles. I've had a subscription to Cycle World since forever, and Kevin Cameron is one of my favorite writers of all time -- I just like reading gear head stuff written at his level of understanding.

    But I don't ride. Never did. Don't even ask...
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      RR, the only bikes I've ever ridden were powered by me. Haven't ridden seriously in about 10 years. Getting too old to fight traffic and the elements.


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        RR, I ride a Kawasaki Versys now. Before that one was a Bonneville. For years I rode on weekly work trips and return at the end of the week. It is a tough way to travel but it beats driving.

        Recently I got to talking to a guy across the street. He used to race pro! You have to be a special breed to do that stuff. Controlled, skilled insanity.


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          I've wanted to get a Yamaha or Suzuki for years but the lady works in the Emergency Room so I'm sure you can put that puzzle together. She says when I'm retired...I don't know about being 65 and on a crotch rocket...


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            RR,yeh love the bikes,raced juniors thru seniors short circuit and motox,had a couple seasons as passenger on dirt track sidecar,my brother had a speedway bike which i rode alot but never raced.Yamaha, Bmw,Harley road bikes,now on a honda is hectic at the moment but hopefully that will change and can get away touring again


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              Got my license, but never bought a bike. That was 10 years ago, about the time my first son was born. Maybe someday.


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                I bought an Indian trials bike when i was 17!! i had never ridden a bike before did some great (unintentional) wheelies sort of went downhill from there.


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