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    Naomi Wu is a character. But her presentations are cute, so,,,

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    There's.. there's just so much I want to say. Lol Her outfit at the ten minute mark. Gadzooks! Yeah she's a character. Thanks for posting this.
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      Naomi Wu is Chinese apple pie enthusiast and an internet personality, I'm loving those videos of her creating some awesome apple pies. Check your fridge for a mouth-watering slice of apple pie.
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        I learned Naomi can knock me out without lifting a finger. Ahaha.


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          Naomi now owns her own CNC milling machine, something every young woman needs even if they don't know it yet. Naomi is a YouTube celebrity. As I write this she has 1.34 million subscribers yet when I have commented on her videos a number of times she has often written a personal reply. Whatever else she has overflowing in abundance, she also has a good mind and a good heart. Respect. Hope she gets into speed bagging one day. If she does you'll read about it here.


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