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Muhammad Ali VS Rocky Marciano

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  • Muhammad Ali VS Rocky Marciano

    Anybody remember this? I do.

    It's basically a "fake fight" between Ali and Marciano - two boxers from two different eras.

    Ali and Marciano were filmed acting out every possible scenario in a fight and the result was then determined using probability formulas entered into a computer.
    Punch-by-punch details of the boxer's records during their prime were entered into an NCR 315 computer. Also their strengths, weaknesses, fighting styles and patterns and other factors and scenarios that the boxers could go through were converted into formulas. The NCR-315 with 20K of memory was supplied by SPS (Systems Programming Services), an independent service bureau in Miami Fla. The algorithms was supplied by an NCR mathematician, and programming was done in Fortran by an employee of SPS. Hank Meyer ...
    The two fighters sparred for about 70 to 75 rounds, which were later spliced together according to the computer's findings which had not yet been determined. Every probable scenario was filmed. The final outcome would not be revealed to anyone until the release of the film. Braddock, Louis, Schmeling, Sharkey and Walcott also recorded commentary to be used in the film. Marciano died in a plane crash three weeks after filming wrapped [1].
    On January 20, 1970, the fight was shown only once in 1500 theaters over closed-circuit television in the United States, Canada, and throughout Europe. It grossed $5 million. The computer had determined that Marciano would knock Ali out in the 13th round and the film was edited to present that outcome.
    After watching the film, Ali reportedly said "That computer was made in Alabama," joking that Marciano was favored because he was white.

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    I do believe that Ali would have beaten him if both fighters had been in their prime in an actual fight.


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      I love ali, but I feel rocky wins. He's a sherman tank and old school tuff.


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        Rocky Marciano had the style to beat Ali. He was a pressure fighter like Frazier. I like them both but I feel Marciano would of won a very close fight.


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          Ali vs Rocky

          Ali would beat rocky hands down. In Rocky's era competition was soft at best plus he was very pampered and protected.


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