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  • Punch Drummin work

    Me workin on more songs.
    SpeedBag Hammer

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    OK Hammer! great job puting the "hammer down" on the beat, from what I could hear, most of the time. Music was a bit low and since I'm not familiar with that particular song I couldn't really find the flow of the song. But looks and sounded like you were nailing it on beat pretty well, and loved the kill movement on beat. that is always a great show of beat and punch control.

    My only other observation is your set up, which appears to have your right side shoulder closer to the bag, and your head leaning to the right. this makes me think your whole set up stance is not parallel and puts your left side at a slight disadvantage, further away from the bag. In this clip you throw a lot of Outward Double Elbows great with the right arm, but only one Downward elbow with the left. Your body position through most of this clip would make using a Left side OUTWARD elbow difficult but is perfect for the downard elbow, which brings "the other shoulder" (right in this clip) in closer to the bag....which is your normal set up position.

    I said all that to say this, and it is only the quick observation of this short clip....You might want to adjust your set up hitting stance to bring both shoulders more even in relation to the bag, which will allow you to use either arm for the outward double or triple elbow strikes, as well as even up the distances the fists travel to the bag. As your musical choices get faster and faster you will want every advantage to keep up, and from this clip you appear to be favoring your right side a bit.

    Keep on punch drumming!
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    Speed Bag

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