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Frank Zappa country drumming

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  • Frank Zappa country drumming

    Lyrics in the youtube description.

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    You show promise

    Hey Inkspill, this is a good first effort at punch drumming. You do an excellent job of keeping your elbows up. I think this is key to perfecting the punches. You are punching in time with the music – not an easy task for most baggers. And your tenacity will certainly be an asset to your progression. In my opinion, the only thing that might hold you back from progressing is the quality of your equipment. Keep at it. You're on your way to punch-drumming nirvana.
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      Nice work!

      Good Job Inkspill! Punch-drummers seem rare to come by so I hope you stick with it! I liked the split fists thrown in there!


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        thanks for the support guys. I'm trying to move away from elbows up as much as I can to avoid injury. I'm also trying to flow more and use transitions. It really impresses me when I see y'all flow from various punches and sides of the bag with seamlessness.

        Thanks again : )

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