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MsDee is hanging up her TITLE Bag...

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    Originally posted by TJ_MaTee View Post
    So I'm curious to know what bag you're waiting to unveil Dee. It's got to be 1 of 2 that I'm thinking of. I'll be patiently waiting to see. Haha.
    I just posted a new video showing off the new bag...

    Originally posted by jojojunfan View Post
    Sweet!! Makes me want to practice!
    Hey, thanks, jojojunfan. And, welcome to the forum!

    Originally posted by Avadia View Post
    Oh man. Now you have really got me by the hook. I have been itching to order a couple of Jim Bradley bags to try out, but have so far been able to hold off. Now I can't wait to see what you got and hear your review.

    Great video, by the way.
    Thanks, Avadia. Well, if you decide on a Jim Bradely, you will not be disappointed. Nor will you be in the Australian bag that I received. Check out the posting for the info on it...

    Originally posted by Biff View Post
    Dee, hurry up, the suspense is killing me!!!!
    BTW, another great job with the Winter's song.
    Thanks, Biff. Yes. I'm discovering music that I grew up with, but had never listened to until now. I know. Crazy! I kinda missed out on the whole Woodstock thing too. So self-absorbed perhaps...

    Originally posted by Mrs Mitts View Post
    Ditto from me!
    Thanks, Mrs. Mitts. I have a little surprise in my latest video. I can finally do a forward reverse fist roll. (Is that the right name?)

    Originally posted by novaspeedbagger View Post
    Merry Christmas Dee and thanks for the Awesome punch drumming video! I am having withdrawals now, as I am in Ponchatoula, Louisiana for the holidays and haven't been able to bag since I hit the road on 12/23.

    Great Job and great song! Nice touch on the inverted views and as always you inspire more split fist combo's with your right on the beat strikes!

    Looking forward to your new bag review!

    Dee, I know you will love your new bag, but with punch drumming, your old yeller Title might be just the ticket for certain songs ands beats. You might want to reconsider retiring her just yet. The bag is like an insturment in punch drumming and different songs may call for different bags. I hope you don't mind me trying to "defend your title".....Ha Ha!

    I just got two new bags also. The Title Platinum XS and the Pro Mex 8x5. I filmed a review of both bags and will post them when I get back from my travels.

    By the way both are great speed bags and at a great price now at

    "Long live the speed baggers"
    "Long live the punch drummers"
    "Long live the the bags" LOL!

    Thanks for posting Dee!

    Thanks, Nova! Good to hear from you. Yes, I love my new bag, but you're right. I shouldn't totally forsake my good old true blue, old yeller Title bag... I'll just give him a long rest...
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