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  • Re-Start?

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    Re-start or re-intervention?

    It’s been a while fam. Hope you’re doing well and still rocking the boards around the world. ⭐️

    I’ve paused now for months and had my hospital-treatment in January hoping my elbows to get better.

    The good news: they got better! After rehab now I can use my left arm way better than before and I do have no pain in usual situations. Pain reduced in a good way and therapy helped a lot.

    The bad news: It’s still not pain-free when bagging. And pain increased after I re-started. So I stopped. Again.

    So, sadly, this is not a re-start. I’ll need a second hospital-treatment with a re-intervention on my left elbow.

    Again. Hope to be back soon! See you!

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    Great to hear from you again Dizzy. Thanks for the video and hang in there, it's just another bump in the road of life.


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      Hang in there Bag Brother.... You're still punching and the Punch Drummer is
      Speed Bag

      Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
      *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
      The Quest Continues...
      Hoping for another Gathering...


      The Art of the Bag


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        Awesome seeing you back D !!! Hope to see you at the gathering in July at Real Gymm in keyport NJ.

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