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  • University National 1825

    Posted here to document this speed bag. Dutchman, what can you say about it?
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    I have to admit, this is the first time I have seen one of these, although it bears the hallmarks of the Cincinnati makers (Hutchison, and Ohio-Kentucky being among the most prominent ). A quick search doesn't turn up much on the name. It may have been a short lived retailer's line, but as of this moment I can't say for sure.

    I'm currently dealing with a family matter, and when I can devote more time I'll see what more I can dig up


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      This one has turned out to be a really tough one. So far no apparent record of any brand sporting goods firm by this name, in either the US or Canada. There are two sporting goods companies that go by the name "National" (one here and one in the Great White North) but both came into being long after this style bag was made. I still think that this was made for a long gone regional or local sporting goods outfitter in small enough quantities surviving examples are near non existent. I'll keep plugging, but so far it doesn't look good.


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        How about National Sporting Goods Co. 310 E. Baltimore St. Baltimore MD ?
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          Yes, good call Rusty, but once again there is no indication if it was a manufacturer or a retailer and when it closed. So far it's another dead end.
          This is what the are of the address looks like today.!6m1!1e1
          It's obviously an older area from the buildings around it, but the address is now a fairly modern building. The satelite view shows that this is downtown Baltimore,!4d-76.6105871. So I'm inclined to believe that this "National Sporting Goods Co." was a retailer. Further research is in order