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Bases on ball hook swivels?

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  • Bases on ball hook swivels?

    Since I joined the Speedbagforum I have developed an appreciation for ball hook swivels. I've collected and used boxing equipment since I was 15 years old and I'm 63. I've always had a small gym tucked away in what ever house I lived in. My basic idea with the speed bag was to hit it as fast as I could for 3 or 4 rounds before I went on to the heavy bags and double end bags and shadow boxing. This site has enlightened me and I am the proverbial old dog trying to learn new tricks.
    I have an Everlast ball hook swivel that I purchased in about 74 or 75(?) and promptly replaced with another type. I dug it out of my equipment box after I discovered this site. I also managed to purchase a Nicols swivel, another Everlast ball hook and a Whitely. I've been polishing away on all of them trying to bring back the luster that they deserve. I noticed that the base on the Nicols and the Everlast that I purchased in the 70's is constructed of steel and the Whitely and the last Everlast that I purchased is non magnetic (aluminum)? I'm wondering when Everlast made the change and if it was simply a matter of cost per unit? Did the Whitely's always have an aluminum base? It seems as though the steel bases would be more durable then the aluminum but I could be dead wrong. Thanks.

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    my history with the everlast swivel for me, was as long as the female flange part of the swivel was made outta metal, i didn't have a problem (it didn't matter what metal) but as soon as they switched that part to plastic, lets just say the bag went flying off with the male part attached, and i'm just lucky i never got hit in the face, and yes i'm sure it was a matter of cost to switch to cheaper material, i hate the plastic base :-O
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      When Everlast was sold to the current management is when just about everything was sent overseas for production. That is when we started seeing the composite ball & hook swivels. First the aluminum flange, then the plastic.The former had the dielectric problem that happens when you join aluminum and steel, so that's when they went to the nylon flange. As we have found out (sometimes the hard way) the threads in the nylon flange just don't hold up, and the all plastic swivel came into being. That's not taking into account the sub par material that they started using in the male half of the swivels.


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        Seems whoever designs this stuff doesn't use it themselves. Bags that give up the ghost after a few weeks, swivels that try to blind their users with metal flakes in the eyes, junk plastic bases that fall apart.


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          I believe you've hit the nail on the head.


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            Originally posted by paranday View Post
            Seems whoever designs this stuff doesn't use it themselves.
            Boy Howdy!! You got that right, Jim.
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              I really love the Nicols but none of these old swivels are as smooth as the ones I received from Ms Deville. It's obvious that she and Raul put a lot of thought into their product and continuously make adjustments / improvements as time passes. Quite a difference from some of the larger companies who are not enthusiasts but only looking at a profit margin.


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                Originally posted by paranday View Post
                Seems whoever designs this stuff doesn't use it themselves.
                Thankfully this forum may have helped correct that problem, at least as far as swivels are concerned. Jumpcannon, MsDeville, TommyT and a few others have all designed and built better made and pure action ball hook swivels.
                TommyT never went into any production with his, but those of us that have hit the products of these two will attest to their quality.

                As far as bags, at least Balazs Boxing has cared enough to bring their product to the bagging community for evaluation. At the gathering in 2010, they introduced the first protype of the "lazer" bag. We all hit it and made some video presentations about it, which they did review. They have maintained contact with several baggers over the past few years, made a few adjustments and the result is their new "lazer" bag, which all will be able to hit at the next gathering.

                So, in our own way, we (this forum, we happy band of baggers) have had some influence on equipment. I'm proud to say several baggers in other countries are now hitting the Deville #13, and at least one European company is carrying the product. Go Dee!
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