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A collection of platforms

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  • paranday
    Wow, would love to see your photos.

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  • Grand Ave. Gym
    started a topic A collection of platforms

    A collection of platforms

    I guess I am an old geezer but wished and wanted to post at least once..
    I have trouble navigating this site and it took a long time to log in;
    passwords, blah-blah..I've been running the Grand Avenue Boxing Gym
    in Portland since 1990 (Est.1949). I have been involved with the sport for near 3 times as long..We have 3 of the old time platforms, two of them NGE and one a Medart No.1255 from 1912.. Only one is in use now and I am re-installing the Medart with an original old Whitley ball bearing swivel I've had for years in the original box..I have some older swivels around as those old ball bearing swivels went out of favor years ago..But I saved em, some from the 20's.We have always cut a piece of PVC to fit on the platform as it gives three times the wear to speed bags plus much better rebound.. And yes, I've seen some great artists at the speed bags, seen floor mounted bags to work with the feet and impromtu exhibitions where the hat was passed to show appreciation... If I get better at this I will post some photos in the future..
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