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Bag Gloves : Everlast & Tuf-Wear

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  • Bag Gloves : Everlast & Tuf-Wear

    I really don't use bag gloves, the only real time I used them was along time ago when I had a Canvas heavy bag and the only time I used gloves on a speed bag was because of the everlast 4210 bag that had really rough leather on the surface, it was like hitting sand paper and I used Harbinger leather weight lifting gloves for that bag.
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    I am a 5.2 petite 105 pound woman who loves kick boxing. If you're looking for a heavy bag and you're not looking at Everlast, you're already making a mistake. Everlast is the leading name in heavy bags for a reason. This bag is perfect! If you're 180+ lbs, this is the size bag for you. The cover is a thick, durable material, is well-stitched, and the stuffing is consistent all over the bag. In cheaper bags, the stuffing gets displaced from strikes and bunches up in some areas, but this one doesn't do that. There is the perfect amount of "give" when striking; just like Goldilocks--not too hard and not too soft.

    For the tuf wear bag , I didn't use it much yet but because of heavy weight, it stays pretty steady when I am kicking hard. ( i've used it lighter one which wobbles easily) I am glad I bought 100 pound one. Easy hook up!! so far so good

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