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Hutch P100 Speed Bag

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  • Hutch P100 Speed Bag

    The Hutch P100, I like it. It hits like my Wilson H1210 but the Wilson hits a tad faster and I think it's do to the two different loops, if the loop on the Hutch was the same as the Wilson then they would hit exactly the same, Not really meant for bible baggin but than again you can bible bag on it, it's just way heavier on the fist compared to what you guys like for bible baggin.
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    Went ahead and shortened the loop, Loops that flex to much or are to long rob the bag of it true potential, The loop on this bag wasn't really way to long but I noticed it was to flexible, Meaning that when I hit on the bag, instead of the full energy from my strikes going into the bag, Some of the energy was being wasted in the flexibility of the Loop.
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      good looking bag. what decade would you say that it's from?

      how do you go about shortening a loop ?


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        It's looks like mine, late 1950's early 1960's I would say

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