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    Hello group!

    I'm just getting into the double end bag work. I purchased the Fighting Sports 7 x 11 from Dr. Knockout, like this one Best price I could find. $49

    This company seems pretty new? They look pretty good.
    I should have it up tomorrow and I can give my review on the quality.

    I plan to hang it upside down.
    I'm not sure whether I'll use two bands, or one cord and one band?

    I've seen it done three ways:
    cord on bottom, band on top (supposed to be better for street fighting)
    cord on top, band on bottom
    two bands

    I've been weight training for a while and I feel the bulk I'm picking up has slowed my reaction time/speed.
    I've always wanted to get a decent double end bag, so finally I did. I think this bag will be the ticket to sharpen me up a bit.

    Anyway, I'll get back with my review
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    Review and photo

    Got er up and running.
    The work begins...yes, I need to practice on it for a while.

    As far as the bag review. It looks pretty good, no flaws, smooth leather.
    No complaints yet. I don't think I went wrong for $49 and free shipping.

    I used some braided cord to run to the ceiling. I tried both the bungee that came with it and a 31" rubber bungee I bought.

    The rubber bungee is more responsive then the other with a shorter swing.
    The shipped bungee allows about a two foot swing when you hit it hard.
    I like them both for different reasons. the rubber is easier to hit.

    The bag is easy enough to turn over (right side up), I'll try that later too.

    I saw no point in putting a bungee on top, because I have a high ceiling.
    Large part of bag is set at chin height.

    I'm using some 6 ounce RDX MMA gloves and I'll try just work gloves later.

    That's all folks!

    Next project is to build a nice plastic laminate platform and welded steel brackets. Probably go 30" round, double 3/4" particle board.
    I'm still scoping out 6" speed bags and ball and hook swivels.
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      After a couple work-outs. I have to say, I love it!

      I can really see the value in double end bag training. I can't believe I didn't get one sooner.

      If you haven't done it yet, do it!

      I might add a 7" ball eventually to see the difference.

      Speed bag platform production will be starting soon...

      Add: I do a lot of shoulder work at the gym, but this bag workout hits shoulder muscles differently...I feel it the next day = good!
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