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Speed bag as musical instrument

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  • Speedbag
    Originally posted by dsmith2296 View Post
    Can anybody 'speedbag' the Willaim Tale Overture?
    That would be real cool.
    I do admire a man with discriminating musical taste! Rossini's William Tell Overture is an awesome piece of classical music, particular this last half, which is very fast and a challenging speed bag workout.

    You are right in that it is very cool to hit to, and I have made various attempts, some standing and some on cycles. Here is a clip
    "speed bagging to the Wm Tell Overture" ( from 2001) that you may find interesting.

    For the record, it is a medium speed song for what I call "basic punching in straight time", and it is very challenging (fast) for "syncopated punching". The fun part of punching to this song is that you can use the speed bag beat pattern to perfectly match the beat cadence of the (famous) four measure MELODY, which repeats 4 times. (* you'll see and hear it at 2:02 - 2:14 in this clip. Look for the alternating 3 - Punch Fist Rolls..)

    I really like punching to this piece, and it's easy to crash and burn at any time.....
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  • dsmith2296
    started a topic Speed bag as musical instrument

    Speed bag as musical instrument

    Can anybody 'speedbag' the Willaim Tale Overture?
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