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Alan on tips for conducting a public speed bag demo

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  • Alan on tips for conducting a public speed bag demo

    Originally posted by SpeedBagSkunk View Post
    So as you may or may not know i will be fighting in Lake city florida on july 14th. I also train with the guy that puts all these fights together. So the other day he came over the house and seen me hit the speed bag. He said zach man thats crazy he said "man videos do not do that justice at all" So we decided to get a platform that I can set up in the ring during intermission and he will let me have about 5 mins to lay down a fresh series of combos for the crowd! So i am very excited, not only do i get to fight but after wards i get to be in front of all those people and show my skills and hopefully get a couple interested in just how i do it. Thought all of yall would like to know bout that and i will get it on camera! If anyone wants to come just let me know and ill give ya directions. Peace out everyone
    Hey Skunk, that will be an awesome experience for the crowd and for you. Since I have done that myself a few times, I would offer a few suggestions.

    1. Be sure you have a really stable speed bag unit in the ring. The ring floors I did that on weren't too terrible stable, and since I got to give them a "test flight" a few hours before, I ended up having a few people be in the ring with me to hold the speed bag unit steady.

    2. Stick with a medium size bag. At the end of the fights, you'll be a bit tired, and the adrenalize rush along with a wobbly board will make keeping up with a really small bag more difficult. (I used 9x6 and 8x5 for my "ring" demo's. )

    3. I like to start out slow and easy, with basic rhythm, which most will recognize. Then the four front punches, then do a few alternating single fist figure-8 a few times (left & right) separate, than some double fist pass throughs (FDP- RDP) with Front Rolls and Reverse Rolls. As I go through that I start getting a bit faster. Than after about 45 sec or a min of that, I start doing a few Outward Elbows with linking, than a few Downwards. (that helps move the arms around and relieve the burn in the shoulders). Than I gradually build to near full speed and start throwing in the Side Double Punch combo's and the Side-Triple Elbow Strikes. This is where you smoke 'em with your outrageous variation with the alternating downward fist rolls. End up at full speed for that speed bag unit, which won't be nearly close to your real full speed, but don't worry about that. All the accented combo's in the double bounce rhythm will make it sound a lot faster to the untrained ear.

    3. I would slowly move around under the board, letting all sides of the ring see what you're doing from different angles. IF you don't move around, the people behind you won't get a good view. If it is a single Pole unit it will hit more stable when punching directly toward the pole, so try and set up the speed bag unit so the biggest gallery seating can see you from your best side.

    4. Have fun with it. Those kinds of demo's are a blast to do. (* more fun if it is a stable speed bag unit...)

    Good Luck in the ring and under the board. I wish I could be there to see it!
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