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Quiet speed bag setup?

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  • Quiet speed bag setup?

    I have alot of aggression to get out, and would like to purchase the most noiseless speedbag available.

    I would prefer getting one without any type of huge stand, smaller and less noisey is better.

    Any suggestions? Also, I'm on a small budget soo......


    Hopefully this will stop me from banging walls and pissing off my mom.

    ~ Ry

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    Well i got very lucky one day and got a $200 everlast platform ( skunk's platform ) for 39.99. the store clerk miss priced it and they had to honor it.. THANKS LISA FROM BIG 5 SPORTING GOODS.. But still i needed to change out the crappy chainlink swivel for a title platinum pro swivel which is much smoother and quiet. What type of budet are you on??? How much would you like to spend???


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      For the least noise:

      1. Use a smaller, lighter bag. A 4 oz 7x4 bag makes a lot less noise than an 8 oz 10x7. That being said, 7x4 is way too small for a beginner.

      2. Use a plastic ball hook swivel. Definitely less noise than the metal ones

      3. Anything attached to the wall will transmit vibration. A freestanding will not have this problem, at the expense of stability. Ultimately wall mounted is the way to go for performance.

      Some other things to consider... can you mount it outside (To a tree?) or can you use a public gym?


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        Mount it outside is good advice.


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          Unfortunately the really big solid stands are the ones with less vibration and noise. However if you have a cheaper sturdy enough stand you can put cheap really heavy bags of sand on top of the platform to reduce the vibrations and sound a lot. The sound of the bag itself is mostly unavoidable but can be reduced if you go with small and light like Tim said. But beginners will have a harder time learning the smaller the bag is.

          Good luck! Hope to see you bagging soon!

          Originally posted by bobs3304 View Post

          I would prefer getting one without any type of huge stand, smaller and less noisey is better.

          ~ Ry


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