So I had surgery last Monday. I had the right shoulder repaired. The doctor is actually very interested in the SpeedBag right now as I was out of the sling on Tuesday and going to the gym on Wednesday of last week.

I went down and took his test and he released me to go but take it easy. I have been doing lots of combinations slowly to get my shoulder moving in all the directions it is suppose to move. The left one wants to go fast, but I have to control that because the right one will let go if I don't go slow and get the range of motion back.

Today I had the follow on to last weeks visit with the doctor. He seems to think I may have found one of the greatest methods for rehabbing a shoulder ever. I am at 94 percent range of motion, but only 7 percent strength right now. I can only do 7.5 pounds on the pull in and pull out shoulder exercise on the right. Where as the left does 45 pounds.

However most people take one month for 65 percent range of motion.

So the speedbag has them looking because of how fast my shoulder is coming along after the surgery.