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Resistance Training After 60

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  • Resistance Training After 60

    I'm curious to how others handle resistance training as they've moved into their 60s. I'll be 63 in Sept and have been weight training since High School. I was never genetically gifted to really look like a viable candidate for a Mr. America contest but over the years it has served me well in keeping in decent shape. But once I hit my late 40s I have had to progressively change my workouts to reflect my neck and back problems. No more heavy deadlifts or squats and I've changed regular bench presses to incline dumbell bench presses.

    Since my knee's and hip won't take the pounding of running, I try to do some weight training with fairly high repetitions to get me breathing hard. I use a light weight, only about 50 pounds and do clean and presses taken from the floor and back down again. I try to work up to around 60 to 75 reps to really get me gasping for air. I will also do kettlebell swings between my legs in high reps as well, they get me sucking air after 40 reps.

    I still rely on standard pushups to keep my core tightened up. Dumbell curls and lying down tricep extensions with an ez curl bar for arms and some one arm dumbell rows for lats and rear delts. I may vary a few of these but they are all done with sets from 3 to 4 and reps between 6 to 15.

    I also do plancks from all positions to tighten up my gut and butt.

    It's not a lot but it seems to be all I need. But I'm curious to what others do so I can get some new ideas.

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