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  • BagBoy
    I live about 3,000 miles from Keyport NJ, and I've already looked into my itinerary. Think I'll have to fly out of here on the Tuesday night and land in Newark on the Wednesday night.

    EDIT; I know it's extremely early but any idea on when the exact date will be announced?
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  • G-Town

    Already made reservations!!! SBX Real Gymm doesn't get better than that! The 2nd Annual Powerlifting Contest...Maybe Speedbag Skunk will bring some "Bar Power" It's going to be epic!!! Save the $$$ let's do this.

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  • Biff
    started a topic Speed BAG X

    Speed BAG X

    Hello Baggers
    Now that Speed BAG IX is in the books, I wanted to start a discussion on Speed BAG X. This will be the 10th anniversary of our speedbagging community gathering. I want everyone on the forum to consider attending next year’s gathering. I hope we can make this the best ever.

    I am in the process of trying to contact the original group of baggers, and hope that most, if not all, can make a return appearance. I know there have been a few baggers that made all (or most all) of the gatherings - SpeedBag (AK), of course, G-town (Louis) and Juxt (Justin) as well. Last time I spoke with Deano, he expressed interest in attending. I’m not sure about his Dad, Ted, but if he’s up to travel, I would love to see him there as well. Other SpeedBAG 2010 attendees: Tim (Tim Platt, our founder), Spinsmashpop (Brian Tichy), MsDeville (Denise Mandeville), SpeedBagSkunk (Zach Ruffo), TJ (TJ Matee), Piefurz (Greg), SpdyTommyT (Tom Tabino), Eighty-Eight (Jack), and SpeedBagScissorHands (Adam). My apologies if I missed some folks. Some of the original group of baggers have been on hiatus from the forum, but I hope I can encourage them to attend.

    Of course, all current active and inactive members are encouraged to attend. I would like to see 30 or more members make this event. Some current and and longtime members: Dutchman, Paranday, Zaza, SpeedbagAtaraxis, Ventanakaz, Rehamco1, BagBoy, Rdshakleford, Jaja6009, Regal, Reb, Fedora, Davidlwilkie, PunchDrummer, Ebozyn, Novaspeedbagger, DeePooler, MetalDad, ToolBoxDiver, if at all possibile, please try to attend. Start saving $10/week (if possible) in a SB account to help pay for the event. Again, forgive me if I’m leaving anyone out.

    Baggers around the world, if Deano made the first, maybe you could attend the 10th! Think about it.

    It’s impossible to mention all our members, but certainly all our active members from the past few years, please consider putting this on your calendar for next year. I will check with RealGymm (Donny) and post the dates ASAP.

    Let’s keep up this thread for any and all discussion about SpeedBAG X. If we’re going to do this the right way, we will need a few people to step up and help with planning. I’ll take the lead, but I’ll need some assistance. Free free to jump in the deep end with me.

    EDIT: I took down the FB SpeedBAG X Group since it’s silly to have a separate group just for this event. The FB SpeedBAG Annual Gathering Group does a great job with getting out information as well.
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