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  • Laila Ali - Live Like a Champion Tour

    "...As the newest council member, Ali unveiled her very own "Champ Corner," a hands-on physical education piece where children learn about the importance of conditioning activities such as push-ups, sit-ups and jumping rope and how to use a speed bag..."

    It's only the briefest mention, but I like the idea of bringing the speed bag to school children. Ms. Ali might consider bringing a Skunk into the classroom. Is she also signed to Everlast? Maybe it could happen.

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    That's Great Thinking, Pan. I know for me I was introduced to the Speed Bag as a kid - although we didn't really know what we were doing. It's something that never leaves, however.

    I don't believe in 'indoctrination' on alot of subjects, but the Speed Bag is not among them. It's fascinating to a youngster... to have the possibility of finding solitude while 'making it sing'. I'll dare say it's conceivable that the Speed Bag is that One True Thing.

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