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SPEED BAG ANNUAL GATHERING 2022 - July 7-10th, 2022 at Real Gymm in Keyport, NJ

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  • SPEED BAG ANNUAL GATHERING 2022 - July 7-10th, 2022 at Real Gymm in Keyport, NJ

    Happy to announce that the SPEED BAG ANNUAL GATHERING 2022 will take place July 7-10th, 2022 at Real Gymm in Keyport, NJ.

    Start making your plans now!

    I'll post up a draft agenda in a few days - but expect a whole lot of bag punchin'

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    Every year we have a professional photographer (Eaglepix) attend and takes pictures. He is a dear friend of Bagger Mathew Santiago (mine too, but Matt knew him first) and he posted the pictures on his son's website.

    You can see them here and use password " godfather "

    You can download any free by just clicking large down arrow over the top of picture.
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      So good to see all having such a wonderful time, great photo's, Thank you, thankyou, thank you.


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        Looks like a great event, I found you guys on YouTube around 3 months back, brought the amazing speed bag bible and DVD, a great combination of learning and training material, I'm in Melbourne, Australia in winter and in lockdown due to Covid, the upside ismy speed bag kit is setup out the back with my heater, laptop and all the time in the world. You guys are inspirational thanks and keep safe, kind regards Mike


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          Looking good Mikecbag. ENJOY


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            This is welcome news.

            My wife was recently offered an offer she couldn't refuse by the company she works for. This will have us relocating to Washington state, meaning that I will not have to contend with border closings that forced me to cancel my plans to attend the latest gathering.

            So unless I DIE!!! I will be there July 2022.
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              Good to hear you back.


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                I plan on being there , can’t wait because I missed it this past year…looking forward to it — LFG!!


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