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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
Which one? There's 6 of them I haven't had a chance to watch them all yet!!!

2 hr training program - I have watched this - great stuff, it covers the majority of what is in the book. This is the DVD you want to get first. Highly recommended.

Discs 1 through 4 - These cover what the 2hr DVD does but in much, much more detail- I've watched most of these at least twice... but I'm still soaking it all in

Rythm and Rehab - I have not gotten to this one yet, simply due to lack of time.

I fully intend on having a full write up... some day
As the author of this material, Let me address the DVD's, since I have intimate knowledge of their content.

first, Tim is correct. there are currently six DVD's.

The single two hour "comprehensive DVD" covers the basic 24 individual punching and elbow striking techniques, and linking combinations with them.

The four disc series is more comprehensive, in that each DVD covers one aspect of the bag. DVD1 = Equipment and seven basic punching techniques (front and reverse punching, linking). DVD2= review disk 1 and twelve elbow strikes. DVD3= review disks 1,2, then six side punching techniques.

the information in DVD series 1,2,3 cover the 24 techniques in more detail than the single DVD, but they are on the same topics.

DVD4 = Advanced combinations, starts with a review disks 1,2,3 then covers most of what is in chapter 10 or the book. It presents some advanced theory on angles of fist entry and rebound, and how they can be used to create many combinations that "stretch" the rules of rhythm, particularly with the multi-fist techniques (double punches, Triple Elbow Strikes). It also covers some echo combinations [creating a six or seven beat (punch) sequence, and reproduce that same beat with different techniques from all around the bag].

If most people can do 24 techniques taught on the single "comprehensive DVD", then DVD4 "advanced" of the series, would be the next logical progression.

Rhythm and Rehab is a DVD dedicated to showing how the speed bag may be used as a rehabilitation activity. It was shot four years after the above video's and does feature some new information. First, it has the "four step progression" of learning and using the bag (which allows for much less functional, timing ability) and also has information on how to develop specifically targeted workouts to address specific physical needs of the individual. All of these are required for an individual or a rehab therapist to develop a specific rehab program with the speed bag. The making of this DVD was the natural result of my own experience, and I thought it would be helpful to others facing the same or similiar challenges. It does not teach or show all 24 techniques, but only the easiest and most "rehab friendly" techniques.

Had I the chance to do all of this over, I wish the four step sequence was in the earlier DVD's, for it is an easier method for the rhythmically challenged.

I also regret that none of these DVD's has menu's. They are straight play DVD's and when you skip forward, they go about 3 minutes forward.

The video footage was not shot in a television or production studio, with top level video camera, editing equipment. They were shot in a small spare bedroom converted to a "home studio", which was very difficult to light without many hard shadows. There was no makeup artists or behind the scenes technical advisors. There were no investors or underwriters. It was all done on the top Prosumer (home level) video equipment of the mid 1990's. All purchased and maintained personally. I've been told by many that the "production values" (lighting, sound, editing,etc) are not top quality. I know that. It was the best I could afford to teach what I know.

I had not intended to even post in this thread, or review threads on others teaching programs, but I thought explaining the DVD content within the Speed Bag Bible DVD's would be helpful to know about. I have no financial or personal connection to anyone commenting in this thread. I welcome all comments pro and con.
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